Save Chiswick High Road from the Bike Motorway

Chiswick High Road will be turned into a bike motorway under Labour plans that will see  pavements narrowed, trees cut down and pedestrians put at risk.

Labour run TfL and Hounslow Council are  conspiring to bring a Cycle Motorway down Chiswick High Road.  The plans would bring chaos to the heart of Chiswick and damage its environment, shops and accessibility. 
*  Traffic gridlock on the High Road causing a pollution nightmare in an area of already poor air quality
*  Shops and restaurants forced to close and the future of commerce on the High Road placed under threat
*  Pedestrians put in danger by speeding commuter cyclists 
"Labour-run TfL and Hounslow Council have followed an anti-car, anti-Chiswick agenda and ignored better alternatives such as the route via the A4 that would do no damage," explained Cllr Gerald McGregor, Councillor for Chiswick Homefields.  
"The £70m cost of the scheme could be better spent to benefit all residents, and prioritise cyclists, through the repair of potholes,  and better maintenance of our streets."