99% Oppose Cycle Superhighway High Road Route

Over 99% of Chiswick residents are against the routing of the CS9 Cycle Superhighway through Chiswick High Road.  A survey of 133 people conducted on Saturday 17th November found that only one person was in favour of the proposed route while 132 were opposed and wanted an alternative route such as a possible route alongside the A4.

The findings were in dramatic contrast to comments on social media where pro-cycling groups lobby for it continuously - despite few of them living in the neighbourhood - as a means of achieving faster bike commutes to other parts of London.

Commenting on the survey results, Patrick Barr, Conservative Councillor Candidate for Chiswick Homefields explained that the High Road is seen by the vast majority of residents as a shopping street, not a cycle super highway.  Many also feared that should CS9 happen, it will create gridlock for traffic and actually increase pollution and cause already bad air quality to deteriorate.   

The Chiswick High Road route is backed Labour run Hounslow Council and Labour run TFL, who selected the Chiswick High Road route after insufficient examination of alternatives (such as a cycle route running alongside the A4) and without anticipating the opposition of residents. 

Local Chiswick cyclists have also expressed concern at the plans as and believe the £70 million cost could be put to better use in filling pot-holes and fixing local pinch points. They also believe that the mix of a Cycle Superhighway, pedestrians and vehicles is problematic;  the number of accidents between cyclists and pedestrians has soared by almost 50 per cent in seven years and one crash on pavements or roads now takes place every day as the number of cyclists increases. The total number of accidents, which involved several collisions in which pedestrians were killed and the cyclists were subsequently prosecuted for reckless behaviour rose to 408 in 2015, according to official figures, a significant jump from the 274 in 2009.