Apply for the new Litter Innovation Fund!

Apply for the new Litter Innovation Fund!


Cllr Gerald McGregor

Chiswick “Community Champion” Councillor Gerald McGregor of Chiswick Homefields Ward, has announced new Government funding is now available to crack down and reduce litter in local communities.


The new “Litter Innovation Fund” is a £450,000 programme aimed at community groups and volunteers wishing to tackle the blight of litter on our streets and in our parks using “innovative and creative” solutions. Examples can include: using “smart bins” which alert collectors when they are full to better positing of bins and recycling points.


The fund will provide grants up to £10,000.


Commenting on the fund, Councillor McGregor said,


“This is an excellent opportunity for the “Big Society” to get stuck in and help our local community here in Chiswick.


As Chiswick Champion, I am appalled at the levels of litter on our streets under Labour’s mismanagement of the Hounslow Highways PFI Contract.


I am therefore committed to tackling litter on our streets and making Chiswick a more attractive place to live and enjoy for our residents and visitors.


I strongly encourage all volunteers and community groups to apply for this new batch of funding”.


At this stage, “Expressions of Interest” are being invited with the deadline currently 26th September. This shall include an overview of the project being proposed with key details to allow the assessment panel to make a judgement if the project is suitable to make a full application to the fund.


If interested, please email: or contact Councillor McGregor for further information on 07866 784 821