Chiswick elects Conservative Councillors

Voters have elected Conservative Councillors in Chiswick Homefields, Turnham Green and Chiswick Riverside wards.

Elected in Chiswick Homefields were Patrick Barr, Gerald McGregor and John Todd.  McGregor and Todd were the standing councillors for the ward while for Barr this represents his first time in elected office.

Turnham Green saw three new councillors elected:  Joanna Biddolph, Ron Mushiso and Ranjit Gill.   

Group leader Sam Hearn retained his seat in Chiswick Riverside and is joined by first time councillors Michael Dennis and Gabriella Giles. ,

"The elections in Chiswick of Conservative Councillors across all wards was based on both national and local issues". explained Julian Tanner, Chairman of the Brentford & Isleworth Conservative Association.  " At a local level, residents are angry about the poor state of our streets and the deterioration of council services despite repeated increases in council tax. The vote also reflected the widespread dissatisfaction with TfL’s deeply-flawed plan to drive a cycle super-highway through the vibrant and much loved heart of Chiswick High Road.  At a national level there was serious concern on the doorstep about the Marxist beliefs of Corbyn and McDonnell and the threat that poses to our country.

"Chiswick now has a new team of energetic and intelligent Conservative Councillors that will hold Labour to account on the delivery of services to residents while ensuring that tax payers get value for money."