Councillor Oulds welcomes Freedom of the Borough for Royal British Legions!

Cllr Robert Oulds.2017

                                              Councillor Oulds welcomes Freedom of the Borough for Royal British Legions!


Chiswick Councillor and Director of the highly influential Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, has today welcomed the announcement from Hounslow Council that all seven branches of the Royal British Legion (RBL) throughout Hounslow will be receiving Freedom of the Borough.


The Freedom of the Borough is the highest honour the London Borough of Hounslow can confer on an individual or organisation, and is recognition of the tireless community service undertaken by all Royal British Legion branches locally.


Recipients will be invited to a special convening of the Hounslow Borough Council where they will be recognised for their work, service and dedication for the Borough in the presence of Local Councillors, including the Hounslow Mayor, on Tuesday 4th April at 7:30pm in the Lampton Park Conference Centre.


Speaking about the award Councillor Robert Oulds said,


“As a patriot, I am immensely proud and grateful that this long overdue honour is now bestowed on all branches of the Royal British Legion in and around Hounslow.


This is an organisation established to help the welfare of ex-Servicemen. The RBL are also custodians of the nation’s Remembrance services; and they also organise and run the annual Poppy Appeal which raises funds for the aid of our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women as well as their dependents.

It is a fitting tribute that our fighting men and women, old and new, are recognised in this way and we as local Councillors owe them everything for the Freedom and Democracy we enjoy locally, as well as nationally”.


Councillor Robert Oulds is himself a longstanding Standard Bearer and Treasurer for the Chiswick branch of the Royal British Legion. He is also a Military Historian having written about Chiswick resident Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.