Patrick and Mary


Social Care in England is to receive an additional £2billion funding over the next three years, 

announced this week by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Spring 2017 budget address.

Alongside that, a further £100 million will be available immediately for up to 100 new triage projects

at A&E in English hospitals in time for next winter.


This will provide immediate benefit to our NHS, and stands alongside the Government’s

commitment to deliver a £10 billion real terms increase in annual NHS funding by 2020.


Patrick Barr, an A&E Nurse, a previous Conservative Council Candidate in Chiswick, 2014 and the

Brentford by-election in 2015 and officer of HBI Conservative Association, welcomes this additional

support for the NHS in the Spring Budget.


"I am delighted that the Government have committed to a further £2billion for the Social system

over the next three years as well as the already delivered £7billion extra spending to the NHS over

the next three years.


The NHS is a wonderful organisation, free at the point of access, looking after us all. With a

growing and ageing population, it is extremely important to address the pressures the organisation

is facing. As an Accident and Emergency nurse, I understand fully the pressures A&E has faced

over the Winter months, the unnecessary admissions to A&E at Charing Cross and West

Middlesex hospitals, stretching their capacity further year on year.


This is a great financial contribution by the Government to our organisation and a welcomed further

initiative to reduce unnecessary admissions to our hospitals.


I will continue to champion the need for more GP surgeries and reduced waiting times in Accident

and Emergency but I can't do it without your help. Please only present to Accident and Emergency

with a serious condition to reduce unnecessary waiting times. Together we can help the NHS."


Mary Macleod, the former MP for Chiswick, Brentford & Isleworth said "It is so important that we

support our NHS and the Conservative Government has shown this week with extra funding in the

budget that we have the commitment, the will and the plan to deliver a sustainable future for the

NHS. Additional investment in social care has also been announced to ensure support where it is

most needed. It is critical that we put patient care at the centre of all that do in the NHS and make

sure patients receive the joined-up care they deserve."