Hounslow Conservatives Announce Manifesto Pledges on Environment

Hounslow Conservatives will take clear and documented steps to deliver a better, cleaner and healthier environment for residents in the Borough of Hounslow.  These steps will include action to reduce air pollution and fly-tipping, support for electric vehicles and the planting of trees in key places throughout the Borough.

Specific pledges include:

  1. Re-join the London Air Quality Network. Conservatives would re-establish the monitoring and real-time reporting of air quality throughout the Borough.  Labour withdrew from the Network in 2012 and effectively suppressed the collection of comparative data on air pollution.  A Conservative-run Council will use the data to prioritise action to mitigate air pollution in the worst problem areas.
  2. Reintroduction of weekly collection on non-recyclable waste. This will reduce the eye-sore and environmental hazard of fly-tipping and deal with overflowing litter bins.
  3. Ban engine idling near schools, hospitals and health centres.  Under Conservative plans engine idling will be forbidden near child education and health centres with contraventions attracting a fixed fee fine. 
  4. Support cyclists and pedestrians with a better route for CS9.  The proposed route for CS9 has attracted controversy as it risks damaging the unique environment of Chiswick High and endangering pedestrians.  Conservatives would look to support cyclists, shoppers and pedestrians by re-routing CS9 alongside the A4 road.
  5. Support electric vehicles.  Air pollution can be substantially lowered by encouraging the switch from diesel and petrol cars to electric vehicles.  The Conservatives will prioritise the installation of charging points inside existing lamp posts. In addition, we will replace the Council’s vehicle fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles. 
  6. New boiler scheme.  Old boilers are inefficient, polluting and can be dangerous.  The Conservatives will offer to part-fund the replacement of old boilers.
  7. Plant 1000 trees.  Hounslow is already one of the greenest Boroughs in London and to keep it that way and improve air quality the Conservatives plans to plant 1000 trees beside schools, health centres, major roads and close to Heathrow Airport. 

“Residents deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment and delivering this is one of our leading priorities,” explains Sam Hearn, Conservative Group Leader and Councillor for Chiswick Riverside.  “Labour paid lip service to environmental issues but then withdrew from the London Air Quality Network so that no-one can assess the real depth of the problem.”