Hounslow Conservatives Announce Manifesto Pledges on Schools and Youth

Hounslow Conservatives have pledged extra cash and support for youth programmes and school services.  The pledges include the saving of Hounslow’s youth centres, including the Hogarth Youth & Community Centre in Chiswick that will otherwise close as a result Labour’s 78% cut to the youth services budget.  Conservatives will also prioritise the Child and Adolescent Youth Service (CAHMS) that supports front line mental health care.

Specific pledges include:

  1. Funding for Youth Centres. Conservatives will reverse the massive cuts being made to the funding of youth services.  The youth clubs that have provided a valued service for young people their families will close under Labour.
  2. Additional funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).  Conservatives will provide the funding needed to abolish delays in diagnosing young people’s mental health problems.  It is unacceptable that children’s educational and life chances are jeopardised by waiting 18 to 23 months for a diagnosis.
  3. Relieving future budget pressures on schools.   This year’s 2.6% increase in the Government funding of Hounslow’s schools is very welcome. An incoming Conservative administration will take steps to address the budget pressures on schools. Labour has yet to bring forward any proposals. Hounslow should be treated as an inner and not an outer London Borough for funding purposes.

“Conservatives will provide better and deeper support for the children and young people who live in our Borough,” explains John Todd, Conservative Councillor for Chiswick Homefields.  “Labour has ignored the advice of professionals and community leaders and cut youth services to the detriment of the Borough’s young people. We will invest in youth by reversing these cuts.”