Two of Greater London’s best known disused airfields are to be properly commemorated on Sunday 10 April 2016 with the unveiling and publicising of memorials to honour the area’s airfield history.


The Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust (ABCT) – Britain’s, and almost certainly the world’s, first national airfield charity – is organising this event, after having to date already erected and unveiled 51 memorials across the UK. Our airfields are Britain’s unquestioned top physical assets, both militarily and socially, and ABCT is therefore pleased to honour the following airfields:


Hounslow – One of Britain’s earliest airfields, later a prominent military training airfield in World War One but best remembered as Britain’s first airport until Croydon took over this role in March 1920.


Heston – Pioneering and once highly popular airfield, extremely active in both civil and military spheres, which notably advanced the most important role of photographic reconnaissance. It was here where Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain famously waved his piece of paper declaring ‘peace in our time’ and saved Britain from almost certain defeat against Germany had war started in 1938.


Kenneth Bannerman, ABCT’s founder and leader said: ‘Britain’s airfields are and always will be hugely important for every single one of us. These tremendously popular places have saved the world and revolutionised everyday life for the betterment of all. This area of Greater London has shown significant interest in this particular plan and we are therefore pleased to be able to dedicate our latest memorials to these two airfields after all they have done for their country. In the case of Heston, it is quite shameful that plans for a commemorative plaque existed as far back as 1971 but nothing further was done – ABCT has now righted this situation.’


Event details as follows:


Heston and Hounslow Airfields

Sunday 10 April 2016


Heston – near entrance to shops at Heston M4 Services Eastbound.

Plaque already installed.


Hounslow – alongside pathway at north end of Hounslow Heath, just south of public information board.

Memorial unveiling Sunday 10 April 2016, 2.30 pm