Local MP Mary Macleod liaising with Thames Water to minimise disruption to residents


Following two serious bursts on the large water main in August and September 2010 which caused flooding, damage to residential and commercial properties and transport disruption, Thames Water are replacing a 4.5km section of the main to prevent any recurrence.  Local MP, Mary Macleod, is in dialogue with Thames Water to ensure that they keep to the projected timescale for the works.

According to Thames Water, the affected main runs from Linkfield Road to Netley Road, via Twickenham Road, London Road, Half Acre, Boston Manor Road, Windmill Road, Hamilton Road, New Road and Ealing Road.  Work will begin at opposite ends of the length of the main.  Two teams will work simultaneously starting at the Linkfield Road and Netley Road ends and will gradually work towards the centre over the next six months.

Replacement and relining will be by pipe insertion – running a new main through the old one.  This method minimises the need to dig trenches in the road, but digging will be required at various points along the length of the main and it is here that traffic restrictions will have to be put in place.  2 and 3-way traffic signals, side street closures and some parking suspension will be necessary. 

Public transport, with some bus routes in particular, will be affected by the work.  It will also impact access to schools, the West Middlesex University Hospital, Brentford Football Club and high street traders.  It may also affect Twickenham Rugby Club, especially during Six Nation Championship home matches as some of the traffic management may cause travel delays.  There may be some noise at excavation sites, such as drilling.

Thames Water have said that there will be no need to interrupt water supplies at any point during the project and work started on the 4th of January, will last for approximately 6 months and will be carried out 8am-6pm, 7 days a week. 

Mary said: “I have held discussions with Thames Water and have made it clear to them how important it is that they complete this work as soon as possible.  I appreciate that the replacement of this water main is necessary to prevent a repeat of last year’s incidents of flooding, but the work involved will cause inconvenience to the residents of the area and Thames Water should endeavour to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.  I will continue to liaise with the company, who have shown a commitment to keep me up to date with the status of their work.  I very much hope that they will be able to keep to their projected timetable of six months. 

“If residents have any concerns or queries, they should contact the Thames Water Customer Centre on 0845 641 0011, or email customer.feedback@thameswater.co.uk, quoting their address and reference number CAP 5/915253.”