Councillor Ron Mushiso - Turnham Green

I live in the borough on the other side of Chiswick roundabout. I spent my early teens in foster home here in Chiswick and returned to work locally some years later. As a fostered child, I understand the importance of social care and social services. That is why I am outraged about the current proposals to cut funding for youth services. Chiswick needs a vocal candidate to stand up to the council on this and several other issues including CS9.  I look to  bring a relentless work ethic and enthusiasm to my role as your Councillor so that I hit the ground running. In my current roles as a PE Teacher at a local school, Head Coach at Old Emanuel Rugby Club and as a former professional rugby player; a strong work ethic, energy and enthusiasm are my natural traits!

Twitter: @RonnieMushiso

Call: 07976 702887